This was a trial cupcake bouquet which did work but I had to use clear cellophane which I would swap for patterned. I used a polystyrene ball in a ceramic plant pot which I bought from IKEA. 
I learnt a few lessons along the way, such as dressing the plantpot and attaching ribbons and cellophane etc, before attaching the cupcakes on the cocktail sticks. That way, you won't be wearing the butter icing! 
These bouquets are simple but a lovely gift for Mothers Day or Birthday, and are relatively cheap to make.

These 3 little cakes were my very first creations at my 2 hour free cupcake taster session at my local college, and at the time I thought they were pretty good! Now I am not too sure looking at the creations other bloggers come up with. 
Well we all start somewhere!

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