Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Wilton Rose cupcake cases

This week whilst shopping in the expensive Hobbycraft I spotted these lovely cupcake cases which I simply had to buy.  I wanted to make them simple in order to show off the cases as they were £3.75 for 24 which in cupcake case terms is expensive!

I used a simple vanilla sponge and give them a thin coating of blackcurrant jam.
I had to use double cream with a little icing sugar for the top filling as I had failed to check if I had enough icing sugar in my cupboard to make butter icing!

The fondant was white and had a small flower imprint rolled in them. I use my new mini imprinting roller I purchased at the Cake International Exhibition show at Event City Manchester last weekend.

I also purchased 'foam balls' from a relatively local to me company Purple Cupcakes, (Lancashire) These 'purple foam balls' help you mould the fondant into a perfect dome shape which, when left for a little while sits nicely on the cupcake.

Using double cream does not work as well as butter icing a it is too soft and mis-shapes the fondant, so I wouldn't use cream again if making for someone.

The flower is flower paste and is coloured with sugar flair 'ruby' colouring.

The cakes looked great and tasted amazing if I say so myself as don't normally eat cake!

I took the cakes to work and my colleagues made a donation of 50p or more for the cakes which will go to Comic Relief.  I am also planning to make Red Nose cake pops to sell but need to find the energy to do them at the moment!

Here they are, they aren't perfect but but tasted divine!

These are the Wilton Rose Petal Cupcake cases which I think are very pretty and definitely worth the extra cost. You can get them on Ebay and most good online cake stores.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Mad week of cake making! 17 Feb

The last week has been a mad week for cake making, especially when the experience you have is virtually 'try it and see what happens!'
I was asked to make a cake by my sister, who was being godparent to her one year old niece.  Obviously I said yes, but then realIsed that my own daughter, Rachael was 21 the week before.  No problem with that.....only in trickled 2 more cake requests which I agreed to, only because I was off work for Half term.
Mad week of cakes began.
Saturday 16th February my daughter celebrated her 21st with her friends and family.
She requested a friends cake...... She loves the hit tv show and she has a good sense of humour so the result was this...

Monday, 25 February 2013

24th February christening cake

I have to say that this is my favourite cake to date, she's cute and they loved it. The cake topper is now saved as a memento of her special day, the cake is history I'm pleased to say!

23rd February 'Minnie'

Minnie Mouse

This was my first order from someone I don't know personally but from a colleague who knew I made cakes. Well, she knew my enthusiasm was high!

4th birthday cake, this one was definitely my biggest and hardest  challenge to date, the black fondant was very difficult to work with, as it showed every bump. I did have to double lay this with a thin layer of fondant underneath.
The different colours merged nicely, creating a lovely flat smooth, and I think cute looking Minnie.  I did try hard to get the 'cute factor' with her face, as many I see can be a little ugly, if its ok to say that!  After all, cakes are made with lots of love, aren't they?

I am pleased to say that the receiver of this cake was very happy with the end result. I am sure Olivia would have been too!

22nd February 1st birthday cake

I was asked by my friend Victoria (Victoria Bliss wedding services and stationary) to make this cake. I must admit the criteria of a moustache theme, red, blue and white for a 1 year old slightly confused me, and I was apprehensive but I think it worked out well in the end.......

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Welcome to my cake blog

Hello to anyone who reads my blog.
I am new to blogging and cake making!

I am married with 4 lovely girls aged from 21 to 10 years old and they keep me busy. I work full time and I love to bake, sew, basic gardening and most of all watching my girls dance.

I got into making cakes by listening to my friends at work, Cat and Pauline who are veterans (compared to me that is) at baking.  I often wondered what they found fascinating and excited about making a cake...after all it was cheaper to buy one from the supermarket, isn't it? Well, since then I have found out what is fascinating.

I went on a a free 2 hour cupcake taster at my local college which I thought was good and I found it easy with good results at the end....for a beginner who had never worked with fondant and creativity.

I started to buy magazines and watched many hours of Youtube.  My sister then asked me to make her 40th birthday cake in June 2012.  I have to say that for a first cake it was quite successful, and was set to test me from the beginning and my patience. I made a few mistakes along the way but the end result was impressive for a first attempt!  Everyone commented on it and I was very proud 

to say that I had made that lovely cake which took top position on her buffet table! The flowers were all hand painted, and it was my first ever covering with fondant.  

I then made my daughters 18th birthday cake, cupcakes, cake pops for the Children in Need cake sale at work (which sold like Hot cakes!), Christmas cake pops (which my friends asked me to make for gifts and table gifts for the special day) and a lovely Christmas cake for my family.

I have many cakes in the pipeline and love thinking about what is next.  Here are the cakes and cake pops I have made so far. Hope you like them...

1 Direction 10th birthday
my first cake

A last minute surprise
Cupcake bouquet
Holly Jolly Christmas cake
my daughters 18th

dancing penguin

college project - shows various techniques such as 'flooding'