Monday, 25 February 2013

23rd February 'Minnie'

Minnie Mouse

This was my first order from someone I don't know personally but from a colleague who knew I made cakes. Well, she knew my enthusiasm was high!

4th birthday cake, this one was definitely my biggest and hardest  challenge to date, the black fondant was very difficult to work with, as it showed every bump. I did have to double lay this with a thin layer of fondant underneath.
The different colours merged nicely, creating a lovely flat smooth, and I think cute looking Minnie.  I did try hard to get the 'cute factor' with her face, as many I see can be a little ugly, if its ok to say that!  After all, cakes are made with lots of love, aren't they?

I am pleased to say that the receiver of this cake was very happy with the end result. I am sure Olivia would have been too!

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